Intel® Cluster Ready Reference Designs

Build Certified Intel® Cluster Ready Systems

Save time as you create robust Intel® Cluster Ready systems.  Intel® Cluster Ready reference designs provide starting points to help hardware vendors, platform integrators, and system integrators design and build certified Intel® Cluster Ready systems.

Reference Designs provide instructions to get you started configuring Intel® Xeon® processor-based systems into a copy of a certified implementation of the Intel® Cluster Ready architecture specification.

Use the Intel® Cluster Ready specification for guidance as you add components and features that enhance capabilities, differentiate your cluster offerings, and add value for customers.

Reference Designs

Get started designing and building Intel® Cluster Ready systems. Use the pre-certified reference designs below as a foundation for further development. Or implement them “as is”, without modifications or enhancements.

Intel® Cluster Ready reference designs are grouped here by Intel® processor, with newer recipes first. Please note:

  • Reference Designs provide repeatable instructions, but do not include software itself
  • Additional tools and requirements for achieving Intel® Cluster Ready certification, including Intel® Cluster Checker, are available to partners of the Intel® Cluster Ready program
  • Each new system you create is subject to individual verification and certification to confirm that it follows the Intel® Cluster Ready specification

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