Reach More Customers

Get your share of the fast-growing market for high-performance computing (HPC) clusters – including software solutions, systems, system software, and hardware components. Intel® Cluster Ready provides tools, resources, and a standard, easy-to-follow reference architecture to help you expand your role in the HPC ecosystem.
Empower your customers with the productivity and performance advantages of HPC clusters based on the latest Intel® Xeon® processors – and shrink time-to-market, reduce support costs, and drive revenues as you do it.

Increase Value, Reduce Effort

Deliver more value. Intel® Cluster Ready architecture helps you make HPC clusters practical even for customers who don’t have previous cluster experience or in-house expertise. With Intel® Cluster Ready, it’s easier to design, manufacture, and support cluster systems. Streamline your manufacturing process and reduce costs by creating cluster designs that meet a broad range of customer needs. Cut down on the effort needed to produce and deploy clusters by using repeatable and verifiable build processes that let you customize hardware performance and characteristics while keeping the software interface to the applications consistent. Build cluster solutions that will work with a large set of pre-qualified, ready-to-run applications.   More Key Benefits >