Latest version of Intel® Cluster Checker

Follow this link for the latest version of the tool, a summary of the features and capabilities, and how to download and to get started.
Intel® Cluster Checker is also available with Intel® Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition for Linux*.

Powerful Tool, Simpler Management

Intel® Cluster Checker delivers pre-packaged expertise in the form of a systems diagnostic tool suitable for high-performance computing (HPC) cluster experts and those new to HPC. Provided at no charge to Intel® Cluster Ready customers and partners, Intel Cluster Checker delivers value throughout the cluster lifecycle.

Ready on Day 1
Put your cluster to work right out of the box. Before your certified Intel Cluster Ready system arrives, your platform provider has used Intel Cluster Checker to verify that the system fully complies with the Intel Cluster Ready specification. Application software developers have defined representative workloads and used Intel Cluster Checker to confirm that their applications ran successfully on an Intel Cluster Ready system.Ongoing Productivity
Use Intel Cluster Checker to help keep components working together over the cluster’s lifetime, just as they’re supposed to. Run Intel Cluster Checker regularly to enhance system reliability and ensure optimal performance.Rapid Resolution
If problems arise, use Intel Cluster Checker to identify trouble spots quickly and obtain detailed diagnostic information. Solve problems in minutes, not days, enjoying the increased productivity of HPC clusters while reducing the need for specialized support skills.

Continued Compliance
Intel Cluster Checker analyzes a cluster configuration to be certain it is in compliance with the Intel Cluster Ready specification. If you add new capabilities, run Intel Cluster Checker to make sure the system is still in compliance and the interface between the system and the application level remains intact.

A Closer Look
Intel Cluster Checker inspects more than 100 characteristics that indicate cluster health. It examines the system at both the node and cluster level, making sure all components work together and can deliver optimal performance. It assesses firmware, kernel, storage, and network settings, and conducts high-level tests of node and network performance using the Intel® MPI Benchmarks, STREAM, the High-Performance Linpack (HPL) benchmark, and other benchmarks. Additionally, you can extend the functionality of Intel® Cluster Checker with custom tests.Value for Partners
Intel Cluster Checker helps Intel Cluster Ready partners create certified systems and validate that components work together as a total solution. Use Intel Cluster Checker during engineering design to certify that the solution meets Intel Cluster Ready requirements and the cluster instance passes all health checks. At manufacturing, use Intel Cluster Checker to verify compliance and ensure each cluster will function as it should, right out of the box- to head off post-sales problems before they have a chance to occur. Spend less time problem solving issues with individual deployments and more time innovating solution designs.

Information on previous versions

Intel® Cluster Checker 3
Intel® Cluster Checker version 3 – follow the link for a summary of the features and capabilities of the tool.

Support for Intel® Cluster Checker 2
Intel® Cluster Checker version 2 release notes, documents and support info are listed here.