Intel® Scalable System Framework announcement

The Intel® Cluster Ready program has laid out in recent years a strong technical basis for successful HPC cluster solution deployments, cluster application compliance, and turnkey Linux cluster reference designs. Intel® Scalable System Framework (Intel® SSF) takes these concepts further and provides a holistic architectural approach for future HPC deployments by enabling a wide range of highly workload-optimized solutions. In 2016 Intel is transitioning the core elements of the Intel® Clus … [Read more...]

Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v4 product family solutions

Intel® Cluster Ready partners - Atipa Technologies, Boston Ltd, Fujitsu, MEGWARE, transtec AG - have been demonstrating early adoption of the new processor family with solutions for Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v4 based clusters ready to go now, assuring compliance with a standardized cluster platform validated by Intel® Cluster Checker 3. Learn More Find Reference Designs Find Providers … [Read more...]

Announcing Intel® Cluster Ready Specification 1.4

Specification and all tools of the Intel® Cluster Ready architecture as a compliant standardized cluster platform have been released to support next generation Intel processor families, designed to provide extensible cluster diagnostics and to save time moving from concept to high-performance production systems. Intel® Cluster Ready Specification 1.4 Update to adjust to current and upcoming Linux operating system environments, and to detailed requirements of currently registered a … [Read more...]